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Anna Life CoachI have been coaching since completing my Life Coaching training at Coaches Training Institute in 2002. In addition to Life Coaching, I have been a Massage Therapist for 28 years. Previous to coaching, I taught middle/high school for 11 years while raising three wonderful children. I am now delighted to be a grandmother. I only need to observe my young grandbabies for a few minutes to be reminded of what it really means to BE present in each moment. I have been committed to personal growth and helping others on their journey since her early 30’s.

My search for personal growth began 25+ years ago spurred on by a deep knowing deep inside me that something was missing in my life and that a happier life might be possible. I was angry and blamed others for my unhappiness. It was then that I started my journey of self discovery with the help of counseling, 12 Step Program, Meditation practice, Massage training, Cognitive Behavior study, numerous retreats/workshops on mental/spiritual discovery, including Avatar®, Byron Katie and Geneen Roth courses. All these areas of study have the same core principle; what we think and what we believe will play out in our lives. As the Buddha stated, WHAT WE THINK, WE BECOME.

Along the way I discovered that I create my own happiness/unhappiness by my thoughts and beliefs which I can choose to hang on to or change. Typically an uncomfortable feeling will be the first sign that my mind is running a negative tape. From that awareness, change begins. The positive changes I feel in my life have been well worth the journey! I am much happier, calm and feel at peace most of the time. I’ve had a few challenging past life events but these painful experiences shaped and opened me to who I am today.

I chose coaching as a career because it thrills me to see someone make a shift, to see a different perspective, to discover a belief that is holding them back from happiness and freedom. I get so excited when someone has a breakthrough resulting in a lightning of their load and spirit. I’ve lightened my load; I know you can too!

Check out the links below to learn about some of the training I have received:

The ones listed have been life changing studies and training courses for me.

Byron Katie: Uncovering and questioning beliefs

Martha Beck Life Coach Training

Geneen Roth: Women, Food & God

Avatar®: Powerful courses in Personal Growth

Judith Beck: Cognitive Behavior Therapy

The Coaches Training Institute


“Our brains store our beliefs and retrieve them as thoughts and can cause us to experience negative feelings. To shift such views, we must invite our minds to be our allies. We can train the brain to think in new ways and choose nourishing habits…” Deepak Chopra

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