You Have Done Enough for Today!

Rose bud

Journeying through the seasons of life, we often times cling tenaciously to what we know to be familiar. It is instructive if not chilling to note that in the floral shops the roses that do not open are referred to as bullets. They are discarded after a time if not purchased. These buds have turned in on themselves so tightly that they can never release their sweet fragrance…
Consider the unfinished aspects of your life that you have sealed away. Is now the time to nurture those areas into full bloom? If not, can you reconstruct new scaffolding in your life that will support your desires?

Let’s take a look at how you structure your daily life. Organization, does it exist in your life? Too much or too little can create an imbalance. Scheduling time for tasks and time for play is necessary to creating a life worth living. Taking time for you to BE You is an essential ingredient to tasting the sweet nectar life has to offer. Seriously it’s not an enjoyable life if you are living on auto-pilot.

The sweet fragrance and colour of life is found in our trials as well as our triumphant moments. Life as a tendency to reintroduce us, time and time again, to our unfinished work; as if to deliver a second, if not third chance to demonstrate what skills we have acquired. Our blossoming is a developmental process that unfolds along life’s journey. Therefore, when we are in greatest need, it is nearly impossible to view ourselves with compassion from the slit of a narrowed mind, tensed for battle.  Surrendering to the great mystery that lies before us requires us to widen our perspective.


Autumn inspires us to look to nature for its secrets of the cycles of life. A fresh, new perspective on life comes to fruition during this time. Broaden your focus as you rediscover your own self-perspective. Now, with compassion you may begin to relax your blooms as you begin to unfold your petals. Release your sweet fragrance!

Anna Martinson, life coach at Leap of Faith, assists others in discerning their soul’s longing to BE. For more information please contact Anna at


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