A Life Worth Living



Just for today I will… is an easier mantra to recite and uphold than deliberating about my flaws. In fact, I have begun to awake each day with this statement of action to build momentum towards that which I would like to build a foundational change. I realize that I am not suppose to be perfect; no one is but just for today I will trust myself enough to trust my own intuition.


Stop listening to negative thoughts! Life experience guarantees that we will attract that which becomes our focus. If your focus is to graduate from from a program however, your constant thought is: Am I worthy enough, Am I skilled enough…your vibratory thoughts contradict your desired intention. So, the question sits in the shadows waiting to be asked: How can one create a purpose driven life focused with desired intent?

Start with the small things in life that make life worth living! Build yourself up by defining your worth one step at a time. Trying to tackle it all at once often times becomes a wrestling match. Instead of beating yourself up realize that just for today is enough of a task to try something new. Allow yourself to open to small successes each day knowing that with time you will begin to try on a new definition of self worth.

Anna Martinson, life coach at Leap of Faith, assists others in discerning their soul’s longing to BE. For more information please contact Anna at http://leapoffaithlifecoaching.com/about/.


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