I am Feeling Overwhelmed!

What if the question is not why am I so infrequently the person I really want to be, but why do I so infrequently want to be the person I really am?

~Oriah Mountain Dreamer  The Dance



What if I told you, you are enough? There is nothing you must do or achieve to become more, just be in the moment. Step away from a life of overwhelm and into simply living with the idea that ‘You are enough.’ I am not asking you to take the easy way out of becoming but rather an acknowledgement of your essential true nature as a compassionate human being. The act if allowing this perception to take root creates an unfolding of your authentic true nature to spring forth.


Your definition of self essentially belongs to you. Anyone who claims to have the special ingredients that make up an authentic living is marketing to the very weaknesses that imprisoned your sense of self from the start. Overwhelm sets in when you feel you must meet requirements outside of your own definition of living. Instead, of fitting into someone else’s formula, consider your own belief system. True self-discernment is embedded in your individual perception. Within your control lies a choice to measure the cultural constraints in which you live by your own definition of self.


Defining yourself apart from the crowd is no easy journey; in fact many an inspiration has found its origin in breaking away from the norms of society. To move to the rhythms of your beat requires a leap of faith. When you choose to live in a manner that is consistent to your soul’s desire you rediscover that which you already knew as a child, “You are enough!” There is nothing you must do, nor requirements to fulfill. Taking a leap of faith is an invitation of discernment for your soul’s longing to BE.


Anna Martinson, life coach at Leap of Faith assists others in discerning their soul’s longing to BE. For more information please contact Anna at http://leapoffaithlifecoaching.com/about/.



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