How Can I Feel Better About ME Today?

   This morning I woke up feeling less than centered; restless, an underlying feeling that something is going on that I need to take a look at. What to do? First of all meditate and BE still. Next, I’ve learned that when I ask myself “What would make me feel better about ME today?” I immediately know the answers. Take time to be quiet. Eat good food. Get outdoors. Also, I am aware of some small tasks I have put off that need attention.  I do these things and I feel better about ME, more at peace with myself and the world. Some days however I make the decision to get overly busy instead of being still; an old and familiar pattern.  I spend the day accomplishing numerous tasks but running away from myself. So now it’s time to meditate.  It’s time to BE with ME!


  1. How insightful you are to pause and really check in with yourself and find out more about what you were feeling. So many of us would have stuffed it down with coffee and chocolate and gone about our day feeling yucky. I wonder now if some of my over-busy activities are because I don’t let myself sit still and reflect… afraid of what I may find once I do. Hmm.

  2. Michele says:

    I woke up today, a bit off, and while I realize you wrote this yesterday. I think the message was for me today 🙂 I have spent time outside, eaten a little bit of my favorite salad although my appetite is not so great. I am listening to the birds chirp away as I spend time quietly doing what I love. Thank you for the confirmation that I am doing what I need to be doing.

  3. How funny – I, too, woke up feeling a bit off. I think your response to stop and listen to what’s right for you is perfect. And I hope your be-with-me time really helped shift things for you. It did for me.

  4. It must have been that kind of day today! I did something similar. Got my four kids to school, provided teachers with an appreciation breakfast, and then came home to quiet. Instead of cleaning and all the busywork, I decided to make tea and enjoy the silence for a couple hours. I even wrote a blog post. Thanks for sharing!

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