leap of faith life coachingYou ARE Amazing and Spectacular!

You ARE meant to be happy!

You ARE deserving of good things to come into your life!

Do you believe it?

Hello Beautiful You!

In this moment, are you able to take in and believe these truths about yourself?

If not, it’s only your thoughts and beliefs about yourself and the world that stop you from acknowledging the divine beloved being that you are. Your thoughts and beliefs are not fixed. They can be changed with curiosity and exploration.

If you are searching for a Life Coach to help you uncover and explore the beliefs that stop you from living the life you dream of, I would love to work with you. I offer skilled, compassionate and gentle yet strong supportive coaching. If you have even a little courage and willingness to change, that’s enough for us to get started. What I will give you is honest feedback, encouragement, support and questions that will lead you to your own discovery.

When you coach with me, together we will discover your underlying core beliefs (often unconscious) that run your life. Dr. Phil calls them “Defining Moments.” Other teachers call them different names such as “themes.” These Themes or Defining Moments were past events that have altered your concept of self and how you experience your world. If we are unaware of them, we do not understand why we do what we do or feel the way we feel. Life can feel out of control.

Next we will work together to examine how these themes impact your life now, question if they are really true, and then uncover the amazing being that is YOU, the unencumbered beautiful YOU. As you let the beliefs go that no longer serve your highest good, you will experience a new lightness, a sense of freedom, joy and presence. It’s an exciting adventure; one that you don’t have to do alone.